Education:           1978 - 1983           The School of the Art Institute /

                                                      Degree, Bachelor of Fine Art, 1988, Chicago

                           1976 - 1978           Columbia College, Chicago / Photography

Awards:               2007                    Governors International Grant - Hungary

                           2001                    Governors International Grant - South Korea

                           2000                    Illinois Arts Council Fellowship Grant

                           1997                    Illinois Arts Council Fellowship Grant

Exhibitions:         2016                    Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago, IL Chicago solo show:

                                                    “Philatelic Adventures”,

                                                     April 1 – May 14, 2016

                              2015       The Metro Show, New York, NY, Carl Hammer Gallery, January

                              2014       Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago, IL Chicago Art Fair, September

                                             Amory Show, New York, NY, Carl Hammer Gallery, March

                              2013       Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago, IL Chicago Art Fair, September

                                             Amory Show, New York, NY, Carl Hammer Gallery, March

                              2012       Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago, IL solo show: “Back from the Dead”, October

                                             Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago, IL Gallery Artist Group Show / January

                              2011     111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA Last Gasp 40th Anniversary Art Show / March

                              2010       Vierter Stock Projektraum (VS) Berlin, Germany, Hey Baby, mochtest Du meine

                                                            Briefmarkensammlung sehen? “solo” November / January 2011

                              Artropolis Art Fair, Chicago, IL represented by Carl Hammer – Chicago IL, Philip Slein -      St Louis                      MO, and Jim Kempner Fine Art – New York City, April / May

                                             Philip Slein Gallery, St. Louis MO A Tigers Tale “solo” March/April

                              2009       Jim Kempner Fine Art, New York, New York, Ink Art Fair, Miami, FL - December

                                             Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago, IL “30 Year Anniversary” /September - October

                                             OMR, Mexico City, Mexico “(SIC)” group / July - August

                                             Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago, IL Chicago Art Fair, April /May

Exhibitions:         2008       Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago, IL  “Reflection on the Subversive Elements of Life”

                                             Solo / September

                                             Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago, IL Chicago Art Fair, April / May

The National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago “Horns, Hooves, Wings, Fins, and Tails”     group- from the collection / January

                              2007       Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL “Consuming War” group. November

                                             Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago, IL “New Takes” gallery artist show, July

                                             Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago, IL Chicago Art Fair, April / May

                                             Haydee Rovirosa Gallery, New York, NY “Media Astra”  group. June

                                             Haydee Rovirosa Gallery, New York, NY ZonaMaco Art Fair, Mexico City, April

                                             Lubeznik Art Center, Michigan City, IN,“Latino Impressions: Portraits of a Culture”

                                             The Museum of Fine Art, Budapest, Hungary “Parastamp - Four Decades of Artistamp

                                             from  Fluxus to Internet” group. March – June

                                             San Francisco Mexican Museum, San Francisco, CA Colección Tequila Don Julio

                                           Traveling exhibition: White Box, New York, New York, Jan. / New World Museum

                                           Houston TX, March, /Aldo Castillo Gallery, Chicago, IL, April / L.AC.E. LA, CA  June.  


                              2006       Westport Art Center, Westport, Connecticut “Global” group, November - December

                                             Augen Gallery, Portland, Oregon - solo, October

                                             Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, Oregon, “Illegal Art” group, September

                                             Pierogi 2000 Gallery, Brooklyn, New York Flat files /wall -Summer show

                                             Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, FL, “Illegal Art” group, February – April


                              2005       Lawton Gallery - The University of  WI, Green Bay, “Axis of Evil,” group. September

                                             The Glass Curtian Gallery – Columbia College, Chicago IL,                                         CA Project Navigator / Curator “Axis of Evil”, grp. April                       

                                             Diverse Works, Houston, Texas, “Thought Crimes” group

                                             Nexus Foundation, Philadelphia, PA,  Axis of Evil, group.  March /Curator & Navigator,

                                             Galerie W,  Heiden, Switzerland “3 Amerikaner” group, February


                              2004       The Aron Packer Gallery, Chicago, “American Beauty” March - April solo / reviewed

                                             The Chicago Tribune, Alan Artner

                                             The San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, CA Project Navigator / Curator

                                             “SEXTABLOS“ - Jan - Apr, group /catalog                                    

Exhibitions:         2003       University of Indiana, Bloomington, Indiana - “Coming to terms with this everyday”                                  Nexus Foundation, Philadelphia, PA “Illegal Art: freedom of expression  in the

                                             Corporate age” group

                                             Espace Beauregard, Paris, France “ Paris Fantasmes” group

                                             The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Artist Gallery, CA”Illegal Art” group

                                             Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago - Guest Curator “STAMP! Artist Postage

                                             Stamps & Books from the Collections of the MCA & Bad Press Books”

                                             Gaea Foundation, Washington D.C. ”Illegal Art” group / Reviewed Washington Post

                                             The Aron Packer Gallery, Chicago,”Politics as Usual” group

                                             Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago “Zounds” group / Reviewed URL

                                             In These Times, Chicago “Illegal Art: freedom of expression in the corporate age” group


                              The Urban Institute of Contemporary Art, Grand Rapids, MI, “The                  
                              Stamp Art & Postal History of...” (Catalog)

                                             The National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago, “XICAGO”, group


                              2001       The Aron Packer Gallery, Chicago, group

                                             The International Museum “Olympus Center”, Moscow, Russia “ FATHERLAND –

                                             MOTHERLAND “ group (Catalog)

                                             Jeju Cultural Art Center, Jeju City, South Korea”Peace Island” group (Catalog)

                                             University Art Gallery, Central Michigan, Mt. Pleasant, MI                

                                             ”The Truth of Appearances” group

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                                             Group (Catalog)

                                             Oregon State University

                                             Augen Gallery, Portland, OR, Project Navigator / Curator “SEXTABLOS“ group    

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                                           Lyonsweir Packer Gallery, Chicago,“The Miami Art Expo” group

                                             Barrister Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana


                              2000       The National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago, “MULTIPLICITY” group

                                             Red Bud Gallery, Houston, Texas, Project Navigator /Curator, “SEXTABLOS” group

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                                             The University of Memphis Art Museum, Memphis, Tennessee, “Imposters”

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                                             Blue Rider Theatre, Chicago, “The Trouble with Peggy: Pieces of Guggenhiem” group

                                             Oskar Friedl Gallery, Chicago, “A Decade of Vision” group

                                             United States Post Office, Pilsen Station, Chicago - solo performance


Exhibitions:         `1999      Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, “SEXTABLOS” Project Navigator / Curator, grp (Catg)

                                             Lovely Fine Art, Oakbrook, Illinois,“MHDL” solo

                                             Art Chicago, Navy Pier, Chicago,“Art Papers, Atlanta GA” Guerilla booth

                                             Noyes Arts Center, Evanston, Illinois, “Story and Subtext” group

                                             Fluxus Museum, Wiesbaden, Germany, “Augenblick Blinks” solo performance

                                             Portland Old Town Arts Cultural Foundation, Portland, Oregon “Seeing Money group.

                                             The Aron Packer Gallery, Chicago, “The Bug Show” group

                                             The Augen Gallery, Portland, Oregon, two-person show

                                             The Jack Tilton Gallery, New York, group


                              1998       The Pearl Conard Gallery, Ohio State University, Manfield, Ohio, group

                                             TBA, UIC 400 Gallery, 1926, Chicago, “Concerning Truth” 3 venue group show

                                             The Turner Carroll Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, group

                                             The Judy A. Saslow Gallery, Chicago, group

                                             Wright Museum of Art, Beloit, Wisconsin, “Looking Twice” two-person show


                              1998       The Columbia College Gallery, Chicago, “Mascaras” group

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                                             Caffe Baci, Chicago, “The Velvet Show” Project Navigator / Curator, group

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                                             Morlen Sinoway, Chicago, two-person show

                                             Aron Packer / NIU Gallery, Chicago, ”Who we are” group

                                             The Susan Cummins Gallery, Mill Valley, California, group

                                             Aron Packer, Chicago, “The Stamp and Coin Show” group

                                             The Greg Kucera Gallery, Art Fair / Navy Pier, Chicago, group

                                             Meredith Kelly Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, “The Stamp Man” solo

                              1997       The Augen Gallery, Seattle Art Fair, Seatle, Washington, group

                              1996       Meredith Kelly, Santa Fe, New Mexico, two-person show

                              1996       The National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago, “Ten Years Later” group

                                             Guadalupe Fine Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico, ”Nuestra Senora II” group

                                             Caffe Baci, Chicago,“The Creature Show” Project Navigator / Curator, group                               

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                                             The National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago, ”Folktales” solo

                                             Art Fair / Caffe Bacci, Chicago, ”The Red Show” Project Navigator / Curator, group

                                             A.R.C. Gallery. Chicago, ”Multiples for the 1990’s” group


Exhibitions:         1995       The Betty Rymer Gallery, Chicago, ”Imaging Aztlan” group

                                             The Oskar Friedl Gallery, Chicago,”Stamp Art” two-person show

                                             The Oskar Friedl Gallery / Art Chicago - Navy Pier, Chicago, group

                                             Kozuch Gallery, Chicago, ”Klown” group

                                             The Second Presbyterian Church, Chicago, ”Ascension” group

                              1992       Kulturwalter, Frankfurt, Germany, group

                              1982       The Museum of the Art Institute, Chicago, IL  - Chicago Vicinity Exhibition  group

Publications:       2009       Good Mail Day: A Primer for Making Eye-Popping Postal Art by Jennie Hinchcliff and   

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Philatelic Adventures


Exhibition Dates:  April 1 – May 14, 2016


Artist’s Reception:  Friday, April 1, 2014, 6:00 – 8:00 P.M.



Carl Hammer Gallery is honored to present the thought provoking art work of venerable Chicagoan Michael Hernandez de Luna.  Though steeped in controversy, Hernandez de Luna’s activist’s vision largely concerns itself with satirically exposing contemporary social disorder and moral misconduct.  In this, his newest body of work, he continues, as he has in the past, not taking the road most traveled by.  This exhibition commemorates an abundance of topics concerned with politics, religion, and sex by infusing them with a variety of popular culture images and other media material. 


As if his subject matter isn’t unsettling enough, Michael Hernandez de Luna uses the largely inept mechanism of an American institution, namely the U.S. Postal Service, to serve as co-conspirator in his tour de force antics.  Creating beautifully and seamlessly realistic looking stamp pages on a computer, Hernandez de Luna then affixes one of the stamps to an appropriately selected recycled envelope, and, addressing it to himself, sends the envelope with newly minted stamp to any number of willing collaborators around the world to be posted and sent back to its maker, all bearing the cancellation marks of the country/countries from which and the hands through which it has traveled.  Aside from the artist’s mastery evidenced in one’s visual perception of the creative process, Hernandez de Luna’s artistry enters completely and successfully into the realm of performance.  Needless to say, the artist and his craft are often mistaken as criminal.  He and his work have been derogatively classified with an amazing array of descriptive tagging.  By operating from a personal conviction that no subject is taboo, Hernandez de Luna relentlessly piques at any social condition which has a festering appearance and draws our attention to its irony, its incorrectness, and ultimately, if unacknowledged, its destructiveness.